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"Hardest job ever:

working in a bubble wrap factory.

Imagine the self control needed!"

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Q Marks

(funny questions):

Would a fly without wings be called a walk?

Laugh Lines

(random funny quotes & funny sayings):

Dear IRS, Please cancel my subscription.

The Office

(funny office quotes):

I always try to go the extra mile at work, but my boss always finds me and brings me back.

David's Desk Drawer:

"I'm on the seafood diet. Kelp's my favorite." --David

The Keyboard

(funny computer quotes & funny computer sayings):

If at first you don't succeed, call it version 1.0


(funny diet quotes & funny diet sayings):

No one ever went to the grave saying "I wish I'd eaten more rice cakes.


(funny birthday quotes & funny birthday sayings):

Birthdays are good for you - the more you have the longer you live.


(funny stress quotes & funny stress sayings. Or funny sayings about stress! Or funny quotes about stress! Or..well, you get it!):

Iíve tried yoga, but I find stress less boring.


(funny quotes about sleep & funny sayings about sleep! Zzzz):

If I didn't wake up, I'd still be sleeping.--Yogi Berra


(Those of you reading this NOW, these are Funny procrastination quotes & funny procrastination sayings):

"When I was a kid, I had a lazy eye and it spread to the rest of my body." --Glasbergen


(funny sayings about kids):

Children are unpredictable. You never know what inconsistency they're going to catch you in next.


(funny sayings about life & funny life quotes):

I intend to live forever-so far so good.


(Funny egoist egoistic egoism quotes and sayings):

I'm so great I'm jealous of myself.

Pearls of W

(funny words of the wise):

Never hire a color blind Bomb Technician.


(funny oxymorons, like "Microsoft Works" or "Rush Hour"):

I am a deeply superficial person. --Andy Warhol

Sense &...Senselessness?

(funny sayings about stupidity)

I took an IQ test and the results were negative.

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